About ME

I often contribute to product’s definitions and customers appreciate my concrete approach to questions. I focus my attention on key points and using my expertise I propose the right solution. 
Most of the time a project discussion needs connections at various levels from General Manager to Technician. In my role of project management, I have a daily call with customers and I contribute to improving the product development process.

My Jobs


• Identify and prioritize key customer targets for growth
• Build and develop relationships within customer accounts that position the organization to be a solutions provider
• Work in close contact with sales to focus on identified growing targets
• Make specific, data driven recommendations for continued growth at key accounts
• Identify specific growth opportunities and establish priorities
• Work closely with customers and Engineering to develop and maintain product roadmap
• “Own” opportunities and champion them through the management approval and proposal cycle
• Prepare and present sales & marketing proposals and perform technical presentations.
• Participate in trade shows and conferences
• Travel extensively for face to face contact with customers. (North America, China and Europe) 
• Establish positive working relationships within internal teams and with all applicable departments, customers and vendors. 
• Assume other projects and responsibilities from time to time as directed.

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